UV Sterilizer Car Purifier and Ionizer

Sn: RF88282
MOQ: 1,000pcs
FOB Price:
Delivery: 20days
Size: Customize
Packing: Customize
Material: ABS
UV Sterilizer Car Purifier and Ionizer, Effective Prevention Air Conditioning Sickness
  • Carries on the intensity to air to purify
  • Eliminates mist and dust
  • Unusual smell mold and so on the deleterious substance
  • Active oxygen member, can oxygen member negative charge release
  • Can increase oxygen soakage up to 20%
  • Simultaneously removes 15% carbon dioxide
  • Broad spectrum highly effective ozone
  • Can sterilize, disinfection, also final reduction oxygen
  • Effective prevention air conditioning sickness
  • Maintenance air is pure, eliminates wearily, can prevent the air conditioning sickness effectively
  • Fixed time disinfects automatically
  • Ozone disinfection uses automatically fixed time operates
  • After opening 15 minutes complete a disinfection and automatic close-down